• The commercial real estate market - no longer a “black box” 

    Bjørland, Christian; Hjelseth, Ida Nervik; Mulelid, John Henrik; Solheim, Haakon; Vatne, Bjørn Helge (Staff Memo;6/2022, Working paper, 2022)
    Norwegian banks’ exposure to commercial real estate (CRE) is substantial. Historically, banks in Norway and in other countries have incurred considerable losses on loans to this sector during financial crises. Publicly ...
  • Norwegian homeowners’ debt-servicing capacity is adequate 

    Lindquist, Kjersti-Gro; Solheim, Haakon; Vatne, Bjørn Helge (Staff Memo;8/2022, Working paper, 2022)
    Debt-servicing capacity is a function of both available cash flow and the size of obligatory expenses. We use household level information to calculate normal expenses that cover food, other general consumption, electricity ...
  • Optimal capital adequacy ratio for Norwegian banks 

    Andersen, Henrik; Juelsrud, Ragnar Enger (Staff Memo;9/2021, Working paper, 2022)
    In this paper, we analyse the appropriate capital adequacy ratio for banks from a socio-economic perspective. More equity capital in banks can contribute to financial stability by reducing the risk of costly banking crises, ...
  • Monetary policy when export revenues drop 

    Bergholt, Drago; Røisland, Øistein; Sveen, Tommy; Torvik, Ragnar (Working paper;11/2022, Working paper, 2022)
    We study how monetary policy should respond to shocks which permanently alter the steady state structure of the economy. In such a case monetary policy affects not only the short run misallocations due to nominal rigidities, ...
  • An efficient payment system is a collaborative effort 

    Hægeland, Torbjørn (Others, 2022)

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