Tidsskriftet ble utgitt i perioden 1973-2012. 1999-2012 er tilgjengelig på nett.

The journal contained peer-reviewed articles written by Norges Bank employees and was published from 1925 to 2012. Articles published from 1999 to 2012 are available online.

OPPHAVSRETT: Det er tillatt å sitere fra Norges Banks publikasjoner, samt videreformidle til andre, i henhold til åndsverkslovens regler. Navn på opphavsmann og utgiver må angis. Kommersiell bruk er ikke tillatt.

Recent Submissions

  • Betalingssystemet – en kilde til risiko. Behovet for overvåking og tilsyn 

    Haare, Harald; Sletner, Inger-Johanne (Journal article, 2007)
    Betalingssystemet er en viktig del av et lands finansielle infrastruktur. Velfungerende betalingssystemer gjør det mulig å gjennomføre pengeoverføringer på en sikker måte og til avtalt tid. Artikkelen beskriver Norges Banks ...
  • Monetary Policy, Forecasts and Market Communication 

    Gjedrem, Svein (Journal article; Others, 2001)
  • Risk in the Norwegian Settlement System 

    Enge, Asbjørn; Bakke, Bjørn (Journal article, 2001)
    In recent years, there has been strong international focus on risk in the payment system and most countries have implemented measures to reduce this risk. In this article, we will discuss the main aspects of Norges Bank’s ...
  • New 1000-krone Banknote 

    Unknown author (Journal article, 2001)
  • Evaluation of Norges Bank’s Projections for 1999 

    Jore, Anne Sofie (Journal article, 2001)
    In order to provide the central bank with an optimal basis for the conduct of monetary policy, the central bank must evaluate its projections for economic developments. Norges Bank has previously published analyses of its ...
  • Increased Cash Holdings – Reduced Use of Cash: A Paradox? 

    Gresvik, Olaf; Kaloudis, Aris (Journal article, 2001)
    Outstanding cash holdings in Norway have increased in real terms since 1980 and now amount to about NOK 10 000 per person. We can only ascribe between 37 and 47 per cent of cash holdings to legal, registered, quantifiable ...
  • Norges Bank’s System for Managing Interest Rates 

    Kran, Lars-Christian; Øwre, Grete (Journal article, 2001)
    The article provides an account of Norges Bank’s practical implementation of monetary policy in the money market through liquidity policy. Liquidity policy consists of Norges Bank’s operations in the money market to influence ...
  • The Role of Assessments and Judgement in the Macroeconomic Model RIMINI 

    Olsen, Kjetil; Wulfsberg, Fredrik (Journal article, 2001)
    The Inflation Report’s projections for economic developments are important for Norges Bank’s conduct of monetary policy. The macroeconomic model RIMINI is used as a tool in developing these projections. This article provides ...
  • Economic Perspectives 

    Gjedrem, Svein (Journal article; Others, 2001)
  • Model for Analysing Credit Risk in the Enterprise Sector 

    Eklund, Trond; Larsen, Kai; Bernhardsen, Eivind (Journal article, 2001)
    When banks’ overall risk is evaluated, their credit risk exposure to the enterprise sector is a key element. In analyses of banks’ credit risk in the enterprise sector, both a macroeconomic and a business economics approach ...
  • Is the Financial System Stable? 

    Gjedrem, Svein (Journal article; Others, 2001)
  • Do Norwegian Payment Systems Satisfy the New BIS Recommendations? 

    Watne, Kjetil (Journal article, 2001)
    A long-standing concern of central banks has been the risks in payment systems. One concern has been that the systems are organised so that one participant's financial problems could spread to other participants, and that ...
  • The 20-Krone Commemorative Coin 

    Unknown author (Journal article, 1999)
  • Estimating and Interpreting Interest Rate Expectations 

    Kloster, Arne (Journal article, 2000)
    Expectations about future interest rates and inflation influence economic developments. For example, market expectations of higher inflation may themselves result in higher inflation, for instance through higher pay ...
  • Evaluation of Norges Bank´s Projections 

    Jore, Anne Sofie (Journal article, 2000)
    This article analyses Norges Bank’s projections for 1998, published in autumn 1996 and autumn 1997 respectively. Compared with earlier articles on this subject, we go one step further in the analysis by examining projections ...
  • Output Gap in the Norwegian Economy – Different Methodologies, Same Result? 

    Frøyland, Espen; Nymoen, Ragnar (Journal article, 2000)
    Potential output is an estimate of the level of output that is consistent over time with the highest possible utilisation of resources in the economy with stable inflation. The output gap measures the difference between ...
  • The Significance of Uncertainty in Monetary Policy 

    Frøyland, Espen; Lønning, Ingunn (Journal article, 2000)
    Observations seem to indicate that central banks adjust their key rates gradually. Uncertainty regarding economic relationships and measurement errors in the data may point to a need for key rates to be adjusted gradually. ...
  • Evaluation of Norges Bank's Projections 

    Jore, Anne Sofie (Journal article, 1999)
    As a means to drawing up the most accurate projections possible for economic developments, Norges Bank regularly evaluates its model-based forecasts. Analyses of forecast errors may make an important contribution to improving ...
  • Settlement Risk in Foreign Exchange Transactions 

    Bergundhaugen, Jon (Journal article, 2000)
    Each day huge amounts of money are transferred between financial institutions around the world as settlement for foreign exchange (FX) transactions. Owing to time zones and technological limitations, parties to settlement ...

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