Serien omfatter doktoravhandlinger skrevet av ansatte i Norges Bank, hovedsakelig som en del av bankens forskningsvirksomhet. Serien ble utgitt i perioden 2000-2007.

The series "Doctoral Dissertations in Economics" contains doctoral dissertations produced by employees at Norges Bank, primarily as part of the Bank's research activities. Published: 2000-2007.

OPPHAVSRETT: Det er tillatt å sitere fra Norges Banks publikasjoner, samt videreformidle til andre, i henhold til åndsverkslovens regler. Navn på opphavsmann og utgiver må angis. Kommersiell bruk er ikke tillatt.

Recent Submissions

  • Econometrics of exchange rate pass-through 

    Bache, Ida Wolden (Doctoral Dissertations in Economics;6, Doctoral thesis, 2007-07)
    Understanding the behaviour of import prices is a key issue for inflation targeting central banks in small open economies. Of particular importance is the responsiveness of import prices to movements in the nominal exchange ...
  • Essays on the microstructure of stock markets : empirical evidence from trading arrangements without dealer intermediation 

    Næs, Randi (Doctoral Dissertations in Economics;5, Doctoral thesis, 2005-07-21)
    Understanding the competitive environment for securities trading is of great importance for Norges Bank’s overall responsibility for financial stability. As a manager of the Norwegian Government Petroleum Fund, the bank ...
  • Trading in equity markets : a study of individual, institutional and corporate trading decisions 

    Skjeltorp, Johannes A. (Doctoral Dissertations in Economics;4, Doctoral thesis, 2005-07-20)
    Market microstructure has become an increasingly important research area in empirical finance. Due to the improved availability of detailed intraday data, theoretical predictions about investor behaviour can now be tested. ...
  • State dependent effects in labour and foreign exchange markets 

    Akram, Q. Farooq (Doctoral Dissertations in Economics;1, Doctoral thesis, 2000-02-12)
    The impact of monetary policy in the short- and long-run, and over the business cycle are issues of great interest to a central bank. The response of nominal and real exchange rates to oil price fluctuations are also of ...
  • Four essays on the political economy of economic reform 

    Claussen, Carl Andreas (Doctoral Dissertations in Economics;3, Doctoral thesis, 2003-05)
    This thesis provides political-economy explanations for the prevalence of inefficient government policies. Possible solutions to the problem of non-adoption of efficient policies are also provided. Understanding why ...