• Evaluating Real-Time Forecasts from Norges Bank’s System for Averaging Models 

      Jore, Anne Sofie (Staff Memo;12/2012, Working paper, 2012)
      We evaluate forecasts of GDP growth and inflation made by the system of averaging models (SAM) and compare their performance with Norges Bank's forecasts in the Monetary Policy Report. We assess the new version of SAM, as ...
    • Improving and Evaluating Short Term Forecasts at the Norges Bank 

      Bjørnland, Hilde C.; Jore, Anne Sofie; Smith, Christie; Thorsrud, Leif Anders (Staff Memo;4/2008, Working paper, 2008)
      In 2006 the Norges Bank initiated a project to improve its short term forecasts. The current phase of the project is tasked with developing a system that provides model-based forecasts for gross domestic product and consumer ...
    • Monetary Policy Analysis in Practice - a Conditional Forecasting Approach 

      Bache, Ida Wolden; Brubakk, Leif; Jore, Anne Sofie; Maih, Junior; Nicolaisen, Jon (Staff Memo;8/2010, Working paper, 2010)
      In this paper we provide a broad outline of the forecasting and policy analysis system adopted at Norges Bank.
    • Revisions of National Accounts 

      Jore, Anne Sofie (Staff Memo;6/2017, Working paper, 2017)
      I investigate revisions of growth rates in nominal and real quarterly GDP for mainland Norway, as well as for the GDP deflator, from 2004 to 2016. Several measures from alternative revision periods are computed. Mean ...
    • Short-Term Forecasting of GDP and Inflation in Real-Time : Norges Bank’s System for Averaging Models 

      Aastveit, Knut Are; Gerdrup, Karsten R.; Jore, Anne Sofie (Staff Memo;9/2011, Working paper, 2011)
      In this paper we describe Norges Bank's system for averaging models (SAM) which produces model-based density forecasts for Norwegian Mainland GDP and inflation. We combine the forecasts from three main types of models ...