• Finding NEMO : Documentation of the Norwegian Economy Model 

      Brubakk, Leif; Husebø, Tore Anders; Maih, Junior; Olsen, Kjetil; Østnor, Magne (Staff Memo;6/2006, Working paper, 2006)
      Over the last decade monetary policy in Norway has gradually evolved from exchange rate targeting to flexible inflation targeting. In addition, globalization has affected the Norwegian economy substantially over the last ...
    • Monetary Policy Analysis in Practice 

      Alstadheim, Ragna; Bache, Ida Wolden; Holmsen, Amund; Maih, Junior; Røisland, Øistein (Staff Memo;11/2010, Working paper, 2010)
      Norges Bank is one of few central banks publishing an interest rate fore- cast. This paper discusses how we derive and communicate the interest rate forecast. To produce the forecasts, the Bank uses a medium-sized small ...
    • Monetary Policy Analysis in Practice - a Conditional Forecasting Approach 

      Bache, Ida Wolden; Brubakk, Leif; Jore, Anne Sofie; Maih, Junior; Nicolaisen, Jon (Staff Memo;8/2010, Working paper, 2010)
      In this paper we provide a broad outline of the forecasting and policy analysis system adopted at Norges Bank.