• Monetary Policy Analysis in Practice - a Conditional Forecasting Approach 

      Bache, Ida Wolden; Brubakk, Leif; Jore, Anne Sofie; Maih, Junior; Nicolaisen, Jon (Staff Memo;8/2010, Working paper, 2010)
      In this paper we provide a broad outline of the forecasting and policy analysis system adopted at Norges Bank.
    • On the Purpose of Models - the Norges Bank Experience 

      Gerdrup, Karsten R.; Nicolaisen, Jon (Staff Memo;6/2011, Working paper, 2011)
      Macroeconomic models are important ingredients in the monetary policy process, and, in the Norwegian case, projecting a forward interest rate path. In this paper we argue that when deciding on a model strategy, it is crucial ...